OUR ENTERPRISE GO-TO-MARKET involves providing essential IOT solutions for the commercial enterprise marketplace .... we deliver the essential IOT USE CASES most demanded by companies across the broad range of enterprise IOT (i.e. x-IOT) segments.


Achieving Carbon Neutrality is a growing goal of companies, both publicly owned and private enterprises. We deploy our EaaS USE CASE solution specifically to help companies accomplish two critical goals:
     1. Dramatically reduce energy costs;
     2. Reduce the company's Carbon Footprint.

Our Energy-as-a-Service solution does the following amazing things ... !!!

Health and Safety -- A Critical ESG-S Issue ...

COVID-19 has created the landscape of a "new-normal" working environment. Expectations from employees have risen specifically in regards to how the Company is protecting them while at work from harmful air-borne contaminants and bacteria.

In addition to ensuring Environmental [E] efforts in motion as part of the overall ESG strategic agenda, there are Social [S] and Governance [G] issues as well that continue to require the business is taking all practical and measured steps towards wellness ... air purification systems can be an inexpensive step in business continuity measures.

CASPR Air Purification

Capstone delivers the CASPR line of Air Purification units certified to eliminate 99.96% of harmful bacteria.

Contact us to find out how the Cares Act can help cover some of the costs of a wide span of air purification in your business.

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Remote Monitoring / Asset Tracking

Problem Statement

Labor intensive meter servicing-Employee health & safety concerns as well as operational expense control are increasingly problematic for communities that have high numbers of customer disconnect/reconnect procedures in each month. A 2019 pilot/case study revealed a Georgia utility had in excess of 22,000 service connections across a 7000 sq. mile area. More-over management was not aware of the daily safety concerns for field personnel and real ES&G impact associated with disconnecting a customer for non-payment.

Value Proposition

ES&G,Health & Safety- Remotely disconnect and reconnect the customer withoutrolling a truck or personnel.

Project Results

Over a 10-year period, ES&G Carbon savings are in excess of;

  • 7500 tons
  • Fuel savings of 100,000 gals,
  • Budget Reduction $1.1m,
  • Budget Reduction $4.5m in labor.